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Welcome to
PT Cipta Oggi Furindo

Good Products
Is Central To Our Work

For more than a decade we have developed, produced and distributed various types of furniture for our partners worldwide. As diverse as consumers preferences are, just as extensive are the options we provide, ranging from audio video racks to showcases to office desks and bookcases. The prerequisites for this are our technical expertise and our reliable market knowledge, but above all one thing :

our passion and dedication
for furniture products.

  • Deska 1502

    Working Desk

  • Bella 8010

    Dressing Table

  • Esse 7008


  • Deska 1206

    Working Desk

  • Alma 1485


  • Cello 8077


  • Deska 1201

    Working Desk

  • Deska 8003

    Working Desk

  • Stylo 1281

    TV Rack